Activity Model Development Tool

Learn and practice planning in a new way. Helping you discover all the information you need for complete decision making and resource planning.

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Knowing what information is needed to support any business activity is not easy. Especially engineering activities such as product assembly and management of assets across their life. It is crucial that relevant information requirements can be discovered by following a standardised and thorough approach.

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By creating 4D activity diagrams, you are provided with the means to document the information required consistently. The information output of which can be analysed as logical diagrams or machine-readable data for expanded data integration.
Well constructed activity models can aid business process improvement, information quality management, performance measurement and planning.

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A Tool for the Future

For those of you who wish to know more. The editor is built upon the principles of 4-Dimensionalism. By design the user interface hides the theory and complexity, whilst providing you the benefits of such a comprehensive approach.

Methodologies such as these will prove essential for the adoption and use of integrated information management.

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 A space-time diagram has two axes, Time horizontally and Space vertically. Resources are displayed as horizontal bars spaced along the Space axis. Activities are displayed as boxes spanning the resources they use and their temporal extent on the Time axis. Where a resource participates in an activity the overlapping area is shaded.